Trending Forward: Satchels 2024

In the handbag world, 2024 has thrown the spotlight back to a classic accessory that never really went out of style, but is now emerging with a significant comeback – the satchel. I personally love it very much because it’s elegant, convenient and always in the trend.

The satchel is a timeless classic. Its journey can be traced back to the traditional school bags carried by English schoolchildren. After that this reliable crossbody bag has since evolved, becoming icons of elegance and practicality. Known for their sturdy structure, flap front design, and a long shoulder strap, satchels are a favored pick amongst bag lovers for their versatility and functional charm.

Satchels are so versatile that I can find three diffrent ways of wearing one. Wear it crossbody for a casual day out, shorten the strap and drape it over the shoulder for a more professional look, or carry it as a clutch for an evening rendezvous.

If you ask me which styles would be most popular in 2024, I would recommend satchels that are minimalist, or with bold prints and patterns. Eco-friendly fabrics will reduce the burden on the environment. I personally love small satchels so I will continue to purchase micro-bags.

Here are some pictures of the satchels I love. I’m saving money to buy some of them 🙂

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